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    Welcome: Guangdong Blue Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.
    Language: Chinese ∷  English

    About us

    In 2008, lansu R & D team set up, is committed to gathering vinyl plastic raw materials research and development and production, the main products: PVC cable insulation materials, PVC cable sheathing materials and silane coupling polyethylene insulation material. After the unremitting efforts of the team, the company has achieved fruitful results, PVC products among the best in the industry sales and quality.

    In 2013, due to business development needs, we incorporated dongguan lansu Technology Co., Ltd., located in Fenggang, Dongguan. Convenient transportation, beautiful environment. Committed to environmental polyolefin low smoke halogen-free cables, ceramic low smoke non-halogen polyolefin materials, TPE plastic materials research and development production; products covering data lines, wire insulation, cable sheathing, telecommunications cables and other fields dozens of varieties. Companies using the domestic advanced production granulation equipment to ensure product quality. The company's product quality and cost-effective, has been the majority of customers unanimously approved.

    In the company of "customer first, quality win" principle, to provide customers with better service and technical support, create brilliant with customers.



    Contact: hong hui

    Phone: 13828702468

    Tel: 0769-82527692

    Email: China938@163.com

    Add: Guangdong Dongguan Fenggang Town Yantian Longping Road Zhongding Industrial Park

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