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    Welcome: Guangdong Blue Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.
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    Industry new

    TPE environmental protection materials in the headset line industry is more and more widely used

    The era of environmental protection, TPE strong incoming material, a lot of headphones and data cable plugs, connectors, the use of TPE as raw materials! TPE rubber compound in addition to similar physical properties of PVC feel, in environmental protection can meet the EU requirements of halogen, o-benzene 16P, nonylphenol NP, Pahs detection of content standards, so in recent years, TPE environmental protection materials in the headset line industry application The more extensive.
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    For the production of extrusion headphone cable TPE compound, the main TPE material feel smoothness, rubber tensile strength, excellent coloring performance: pigment evenly dispersed, no flow marks, do not fade, rubber and core Line adhesion has its requirements. Therefore, for the production of extrusion headphone cable, especially the more high-end headphone cable TPE compound, its formulation and physical properties are more exquisite. In terms of hardness, headphone cable materials generally use the hardness of ShoreA65 ~ 80 degrees of TPE rubber compound. On the outer appearance of the headset line, there are bright surface and the matte (matte) of the points.

    First, low-end / ordinary plug
    The appearance of mostly black, even if the white plug, but also no resistance to yellowing requirements. Mainly to meet the needs of the domestic market. Such plugs do not even have to be printed on the LOGO. Consumers do not have brand awareness, as long as they can use it. Different plugs, different material options, the most common is the TPE (external mold) and PE (internal mold) with. There are some plugs that use TPE with PP or PC (or plastic overmolding).

    Second, high-end brand plug
    The appearance of black, white and even color. Light-colored plug on the higher requirements of yellowing resistance, surface scratch better. Because it is the original brand, a lot of requirements in the plug position to be printed LOGO, which on the TPE silk screen performance requirements. Some plug products, the flame retardant properties have higher requirements. Some high-demanding customers may even need to test the non-transferability of plug products to determine whether the products are qualified.


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