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    Welcome: Guangdong Blue Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.
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    TPE elastomers as medical vials advantage analysis of raw materials

    TPE thermoplastic elastomer has been developed so far, has been mainly used in industrial and household products, toys, shoes and other fields, but TPE also has non-toxic, odorless, harmless, etc., more excellent heat resistance, low temperature Therefore, it has been widely used in various medical products including infusion bags, syringe needles and sealing corks in Europe, the United States and other countries.

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    TPE medicinal cork will replace the traditional rubber stopper material, because both in environmental recycling, medication safety, the cost of land, can meet this market. TPE bottle as the raw material has the following advantages:

    (1) The intrinsic structure of the thermoplastic elastomer copolymerized with the main chain or the special blend of the components determines its chemical properties are stable, safe and non-toxic, low in polarity, good in resilience, and has wide compatibility with various drugs, Can be made into a variety of medical stopper, suitable for a variety of pharmaceutical packaging, the use of the composition provided by the manufacture of medicinal cork, no need to do in the medical bottle stopper film surface treatment, will not release the foreign body can pick And insoluble particles, will not cause pollution to drugs.

    (2) Because of the strong toughness of the material of the composition, the medicine bottle stopper is made into a medicine bottle, and needle punctures and insoluble particles can be used to ensure medication safety when the medicine is used clinically.

    (3) The medicinal rubber stopper made of the composition material will not adsorb the dust and fiber, and will not cause any pollution to the medicine.

    (4) the use of this composition in the manufacture of pharmaceutical cork corner scraps and manufactured pharmaceutical cork can be recycled, which is environmentally friendly materials, saving resources.

    (5) The composition of the material can be injection molding, extrusion or molding, etc., one-step molding manufacturing pharmaceutical cork, equipment GM, relative molding temperature is low, the time is short, the process is simple. Compared with the existing production of halogenated butyl rubber stopper, the process flow is shortened by 4/5, the energy consumption is reduced by ≧ 90%, the production efficiency is greatly increased, and the energy consumption is reduced.

    (6) The medicine bottle stopper is manufactured by using the provided composition material, the technical process is short, the production equipment is small, the production plant area is small, and the construction investment is small.


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